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3R - India

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2011 | Deltares, IGRAC | Hydrogeology, GIS

Rainwater Recharge, Retention and Reuse in Tamil Nadu, India

Aqua for All and Acacia water worked on a Partners for Water projects on rainwater harvesting in the coastal zones of four countries: India, Bangladesh, Kenya and Mozambique.

IGRAC, 3R partner and at that time still hosted at Deltares, made maps in support of the project, as well as an initial automated technique for assessment based on the research and fidings of the 3R partners. The maps and tehchnique served to assess which coastal areas should be prioritized and which of the available 3R techniques would be most suitable per region. The maps were mostly based on freely available online data, but local partners also provided additional information. The project was aimed at upscaling the application of 3R techniques in the coastal zones. In these zones climate change and sea level rise may be prone to a reduction of freshwater availability due to sea level rise and consequent saltwater intrusion. Rainwater Harvesting through 3R techniques may be part of a solution to these changes and the problems they pose.

My role

IGRAC was contracted for the initial phase of the project, to create maps and a method that would serve as an initial geographic assessment of the areas in which Aqua for All and Acacia wanted to upscale the use of 3R techniques. I did almost all the work with respect to IGRAC's part.


For each of the countries thematic maps were made and for some of the countries the automated technique were applied. Unfortunately the technique could not be applied to India. The maps included:

    • a basemap
    • a potential map
    • a need map
Bebuffered presentation