Earth & Environment


Groundwater and Climate

2010 | IGRAC | chapter

Groundwater & Climate Change, contribution to a book chapter

Chapter on Groundwater in a PBL publication. The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) is investigating current and future adaptation options and strategies in and for developing countries. One of the hotspot areas we will focus on, are dry lands. Many regions in Africa, Asia, America en Europe already suffer structural water stress and it is foreseen that this stress will only increase. What, if any, role can groundwater aquifers play in decreasing this water stress? This scoping study will identify the extent, nature and range of issues related to climate change and groundwater adaptation issues. It will map the relevant key concepts, and will identify research gaps and future research possibilities which a possible potential (larger) study can address. Ambition The report on Global groundwater and adaptation to climate changeҠis part of the PBL project ҄evelopment of Instruments for Adaptation StrategiesҬ which aims at developing knowledge and (improve) modelling instruments to asses present and future adaptation challenges and options related to climate change, population growth and economic development. The outcomes of this study could be used to complement the IMAGE model PBL is currently using to project, amongst others