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Global Forecasting of Hydrologic Parameters

GLOBCAST is my first encounter with Global Hydrology and the PCR-GLOBWB model, under development at Utrecht University. I am asked to compare GRACE Satellite data with model-results to see whether GRACE can be used to validate the modeled soil moisture content. 

Another assignment is to advise on how to include groundwater abstraction and other socio-economic factors in the pcr-Globwb model and how to create an operational product for soil moisture forecasting. 

Soil Moisture M2 2006

Key documentation: Van Beek and Bierkens (2009) (model concepts) Van Beek (2008) (Preparation of meteorological forcing) Sutanudjaja et al. (2011) (model concepts and link to groundwater flow)


Model concept of PCR-GLOBWB (v1.0). Left: layers describing the soil hydrology including the canopy, snow cover, soil layers 1 & 2 and the groundwater reservoir 3 as well as the exchange of moisture between them; right: specific runoff components and the direct gains/losses over the drainage network returning discharge along the channel when routed.