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Global hydrology


Having an international background, I always found it interesting to work on projects with a global scope. Already in my Master's thesis, I did a global assesment. In that research I learnt a lot about GIS, and and had a peek at the art of global hydrological modelling. I enjoyed it and found it very interesting. 

Later, at IGRAC, there were many large and small assessments of global groundwater issues. For example, the state of groundwater abstraction, the udpates of the Fluoride, Arsenic, Salinity and Transboundary Aquifers maps. 

But also at Deltares, I often work on global assessments for EU projects or for customers with a global scope: the World Bank for example, or large NGO's. It is interesting to witness the developments in global hydrological modelling that have taken place and how PCR-GLOBWB has grown since the time I first worked with it. 

Despite that the global scope always fascinates me, I also always yearn for doing local assessments. Especially back in 00's, the global assessments were of a really coarse resolution: 0.5 degrees! That did not motivate me to keep working at that scale. But now that computing times have drastically increased, resolution come down to 1km-models and efforts are underway to develop multi-resolution modelling: meaning that we will soon be able to model from local to global scales within a single tool. Fascinating developments which I have talked about from the beginning and which I now can see come about!

A European FP7 project, aimed at reducing vulnerability and strengthening preparedness to droughts in Africa.   July 9, 2011 »
a European FP7 project in which 11 partners collaborate to pre-validate an online GMES Global Service for Water Scarcity Information.   July 8, 2011 »
ISARM 2010
Participation and Webportal administration for the International Conference on Transboundary Aquifers. Contributed a paper on information sharing.   July 10, 2010 »
GW and Climate
contribution to a chapter on groundwater for a book on current and future adaptation options and strategies in and for developing countries.   July 9, 2010 »
GW Abstraction
Update of the map of groundwater abstraction as a percentage of mean annual recharge.   July 10, 2009 »
Global Salinity map
Finalising and print of the global map of saline groundwater occurrence and genesis.   July 10, 2009 »
As in GW
Update of the global map of Arsenic probability of occurrence for IGRAC.   July 10, 2009 »
GW conference
Development of educational videos and organisation of the conference "Groundwater, the global perspective". For the occasion of IGRAC's 5th anniversary.   July 10, 2008 »