Earth & Environment


Water Film event in Delft

Let's Talk About Water is an event that uses film for Earth Science education. During the event, water scientists and engineers, students and the general public meet and the power of cinema is used to inform, spark dialogue and electrify discussion. This year’s theme is inspired by ‘Design with Nature’ (1969), the book by Scottish landscape architect Ian McHarg, who pioneered the concept of ecological planning and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Humanity frequently subjected the environment to radical changes and blunt interventions, usually at the expense of nature, water and landscape. To engineer and build differently, the dynamics of nature and landscape need to be known, honored and used in the design process, balanced with dynamics in other ‘layers’ like economy, urbanization, technology, culture etc. This is where GIS and mapping as research and design tools come into play. For the designer the challenge remains what balance to create: to have collaboration or collision. Based on the values that we deem important we choose our solutions. Mitigate problems, increase resilience, adapt or let go.

This festival is organized in collaboration with UNESCO-IHE, Deltares, TUDelft and WWF-the Netherlands.

Under "visualisations" a bunch of films about water can be seen even after the event, like the movie hereunder about rainwater harvesting.