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FEWS course

I just did a FEWS introduction/configuration course.

FEWS stands for Flood Early Warning System. The title refers to the software’s orriginal function. By now, FEWS is applicable to a lot more issues than just flood early warning and it seems quite powerful to me.

“Delft-FEWS provides an open shell system for managing forecasting processes and/or handling time series data.” This means FEWS provides a graphical interface for automating data management. For example,you can make FEWS download new satellite data every day or hour, send this to a flooding or other type of forecasting model, and then send the output to a new location which serves it to the web. Just an example.

Fews is free to use, under license. It is built in a modular approach, using XML for information transfer between different modules. The configuration course therefore largerly consisted of learning where to mannipulate which xml to get a certain change in the shell. Are you following? Let’s just say that the xml allows you to tell FEWS to “show me a map of the Netherlands, zoomed in on Utrecht with all data available for groundwater levels in the period 1950 to 2000, ow. If there’s no data, than extrapolate it from earlier values, but write it in red!” Man, don’t you love smart programs??

Learn more about Delft-FEWS from the Deltares Public Wiki or from wldelft