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Deltares portfolio - the world of Deltares

The "world of Deltares" app presents the strategic knowledge development agenda of Deltares. We provide an overview of the complete Deltares portfolio containing strategic research, applied research, contract research for private partners and high-end consultancy. The portfolio is divided in five themes, each reflecting a challenge connected to living in the delta. The themes are:

  • Flood Risk
  • Environment
  • Water and Subsoil Resources
  • Delta Infrastructure and
  • Adaptive Delta Planning

Every theme consists of several multi-year programmes. The programme Software Innovation supports all themes.

We share our breakthroughs with others. We always aim at collaborating with universities, other institutes, governments, non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) and the private sector. We invite you to read about our themes and programmes and contact us when you are interested in reinforcing our programmes with your participation.

The app can be used on all devices: mobile, tablets, pc's. For each theme and programme a short description is given and additional information like the partners with whom we cooperate, in which parts of the world we are already active with this programme, what are the main products and services, how much revenue do we obtain, what are our future ambitions and who are the programme leaders. 

For my own work, the section on "Water and subsoil resources" - "exploration of the subsurface" is very important; but other themes and programmes also have my interest, such as the Water-Energy-Food Nexus, and Adaptive Delta Planning.


Explore the World of Deltares now in the app included hereunder!