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Deltares & Met Office

Deltares and Met Office, the United Kingdom’s national weather service, have expressed their intention to co-operate when it comes to supporting developing countries with global issues such as climate change and disaster risk mitigation and adaptation. The Letter of Intent was signed on Thursday January 28th 2016 at Deltares. By signing the Letter of Intent a framework has been provided under which collaborative activities can be undertaken jointly by the two organisations. This international cooperation will support the development of global meteorological and hydrological services, which are effective, efficient and sustainable and which will support programmes of both respective organisations.

Dave Britton, Head of International Development at the Met Office: “This collaboration will enable our organisations to share expertise and best practice to support the development of meteorological and hydrological services around the world. This will help developing countries deliver reliable and timely weather & climate warnings to keep their citizens safe and protected. It's strength lies in combining the world leading capabilities of Deltares in water, planning & infrastructure and the Met Office’s in weather and climate to support developing countries address extreme weather, climate change and disaster risk reduction”.

More information can be obtained from my colleague: Albrecht Weerts [LinkedIn | email:]