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R&D highlights 2015
Deltares R&D highlights 2015 shows both facts and figures about Deltares and highlights of the projects executed in our 5 themes.   May 25, 2016 »
Deltares jaarverslag 2015
Het Deltares jaarverslag van 2015 is uit, ditmaal als mediarijke app met R&D highlights uit datzelfde jaar.   May 9, 2016 »
iD lab geopend
Een nieuws interactief data-lab is geopend bij Deltares: iD lab werd door WRI officieel geopend.   March 27, 2016 »
Delta Life 5 - Overstromingsrisico's
Delta Life is het relatieblad van Deltares. Deze vijfde editie staat geheel in het teken van overstromingen.   March 5, 2016 »
Building With Nature MOOC
Starting 29 Februari, a MOOC will be given about Building with Nature on the EdX platform. It can be followed for free, or for 50 euro you can get a certificate.   February 14, 2016 »
Water Film event in Delft
Let’s Talk About Water — a Water Film Event will be held in Delft on 16-20 February, 2016. Many water films can be seen from their site.   February 10, 2016 »
Deltares portfolio - the world of Deltares
Deltares presents its entire portfolio in a schematic, visual but information-packed app. Our main themes are Flood Risk, Environment, Water and Subsoil Resources, Delta Infrastructure and Adaptive Delta Planning.   February 6, 2016 »
Deltares & Met Office
Deltares and the Met Office, the UK’s national weather service, intend to work together in supporting developing countries coping with climate change and disaster risk mitigation and adaptation.   February 4, 2016 »
Groundwater cooling the lithosphere
Henk Kooi published an interesting article in Nature Geoscience - Groundwater flow as a cooling agent of the continental lithosphere.   January 31, 2016 »
Deltares kennisproeverij
Dit event over waterbeheer is speciaal gericht op Provincie, Gemeente of Waterschap en wordt door Deltares in samenwerking met STOWA en de Unie van Waterschappen georganiseerd.   November 9, 2015 »
Opening Deltagoot
De Deltagoot van Deltares Delft is tijdens een tweedaags evenement officieel geopend op 5 oktober 2015, door minister Kamp en Schultz van Haegen, onder toeziend oog van honderden klanten en gasten van Deltares.   October 12, 2015 »
Bangladesh Delta Plan
Dutch experts from organisations including Deltares have organised a delta atelier with local partners in the Barind region of Bangladesh. The aim is to identify possible solutions for the area in collaboration with stakeholders.   September 29, 2015 »
Opening Utrecht Castel
Deltares, TNO en de Universiteit Utrecht bundelen hun krachten in een gezamenlijk milieulab: Utrecht Castel, Centre for aligned studies for environment and life.   September 28, 2015 »
R&D highlights 2014
Deltares R&D Highlights for 2014 are now published! 40 knowledge-development projects from 2014 are presented, providing an impressive cross-section of research to which Deltares contributes.   July 27, 2015 »
An ACP-EU Technology-Transfer Network on Rainwater Harvesting Irrigation Management for Sustainable Dryland Agriculture, Food Security and Poverty Alleviation in sub-Saharan Africa   November 27, 2014 »