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Growing up in the Sahel, I became fascinated by the interaction between humans and their environment at a young age. In the sahel, water is of utmost importance and people have very little means to control their environment. My experiences as a child lead me to study Earth Sciences at Utrecht University. I graduated as environmental geochemist and took additional classes in Sustainable Development.

I work at Deltares, which is a leading, independent, Netherlands-based research institute and specialist consultant for matters relating to water, soil and the subsurface. We apply our advanced expertise to help people live safely and sustainably in delta areas, coastal zones and river basins.

Global hydrology

Global Salinity map

Finalising and print of the global map of saline groundwater occurrence and genesis.

As in GW

Update of the global map of Arsenic probability of occurrence for IGRAC.

GW conference

Development of educational videos and organisation of the conference "Groundwater, the global perspective". For the occasion of…


in this Clobal Forecasting project the PCR-GLOBWB (v1.0) soil moisture is compared with GRACE satellite data. Also advise is…

Fluoride in GW

Update of the global map of high Fluoride concentrations in groundwater which causes dental or even skeletal fluorosis and poses…

Geoweb, Maps & Data

Atlas Natuurlijk Kapitaal

De Atlas Natuurlijk Kapitaal beschikt over meer dan 100 kaarten die informatie geven over het Nederlands natuurlijk kapitaal. De…




South Sudan

TBA Central Asia

UNECE 2nd ass.

The UNECE Second Assessment of transbounary waters provides a comprehensive overview of the status of transboundary waters in…

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