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I really like to read good fantasy books and as every fantasy lover, I have a vivid imagination. Apart of that, I also really like to write. So one and one is two, and at some point I had the idea to write a fantasy nove. A grand quest, a trilogy at the very least, 1000nds of pages of very complex worlds, intricately woven together and buzzing of might and magic. Of course I'm not that good a writer and writing takes a hell of a lot of time. So I only came to getting down the first few chapters, and I made a website to directly publish them to the web. 

Because of the costs involved of having all my websites, I finally decided to let go of the URL, but the website of Wisselkind will remain as a child of 

The tale of Wisselkind (Changeling) is the tale of a child (and later young adult) who doesn't know where he belongs. Not in the civilized world, that's for sure. The wilderness lures, but that's not it either. He ends up with a group of gypsies, who travel the roads in hard and dangerous times. Once a chosen people, they have lost all rights to the grounds they once called their own and are now paria, chased by the settled, supposedly pious invaders. And then comes this child, Raven. A remarkable child, with underdeveloped powers, which might prove their only hope. But these uncontrolled powers also form a real threat to their lives. Should they make him one of theirs, or should they let him go and fend for himself? These are harsh, godless times...

The tale was inspired by the books of Carlos Castaneda. Anyone who knows his books will quickly understand that dream and reality will quickly mingle in this saga where dreams are portals to other worlds. World to escape to and get lost in. But are they real, or just dream-worlds?


I didn't spend much time on designing this site. I thought it fun to make a special landing page, which connects the story to our own world. Reading the story should lure the reader into that other world, completely different from ours, but perhaps not so impossible? The site itself was made in Joomla with a standard template.



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