Earth & Environment


After making and because I was working at IGRAC, which was collecting all kind of information on groundwater, I got interested in making my own site to collect hydrologic information. The web 2.0 was a new concept, Wikipedia an established success and IGRAC was investigating methods to kind of crowdsource information gathering. These were all developments which highly interested me. So i got a URL and started to play around. But the site never became much more than that: a playground, a sandbox. 

This was still at a time where I wasn't using Concrete 5, so the most effective CMS I had were the ones I made myself. They were effective, because they were dedicated and specialized. They just did what they had to do. No fuss, no surplus. 

So one of the first things I did was creating my own login-mechanism, so people could have accounts on my site. Then I added a wiki to collect hydric information and I started to play around with the google Maps API. By then I was into mockups, which were the newest rage any way. I created an RSS feed merger (or feed manager), which would look up country names in the feed items and then place them on a map.

I still have the site and it is still a playground. Unfortunately, after a few changes of hosts, not all pages are working any more. I guess one of my next projects will be to make somthing of this site.