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Faso Association supports development in the 52 villages of the commune Midebdo, in the south of Burkina Faso. Midebdo is a rural area. It's inhabitants live mostly from agriculture. The markets of the larger towns bustle with life as people sell their produce. Life in Midebdo is full of music, laughter and family. But life there isn't easy at all. Every year there is a risk of crop failure and water shortage. We also doubt that the available water is always safe for drinking. In addition, hospitals are far away and electricity is only presenst where there are solar pannels or generators.

But there is also much hope. There are many schools in the area, and they are gradually improving. Faso Association helps the people of Midebdo through these schools firstly. But children need more than schools. They also need to be fed, be healthy and have school supplies. Therefore, Faso Association increasingly does projects that focusses on the communities as a whole.

Some things we did and do:

  • renovate and build school buildings and class rooms
  • bring electricity and ICT projects to the classroom
  • build libraries and media centres
  • repare and install new wells and water pumps
  • microcredit projects to increase employment among the youth, preventing them from moving to the cities
  • Support and education in agricultural techniques

My role:

  • All Water issues including fund raising to solve them
  • Attracting and working with volunteers
  • Support with the website and communication

What can you do?

There are a lot of things that you can do from the Netherlands or anywhere in the world, even if you have little time or money to donate. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Help us spread the word among your friends and family: like and share our news on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Make a small donation via AKVO or directly on our account: 580 77 17
  • Become a volunteer or board member: help with fund raising events, accounting, communication strategies and more. Make friends for life and discover the ins and outs of development aid.
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