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Burkina Faso Platform


The Burkina Faso Platform is an association that both represents and brings together all the small and big Dutch NGO's that are active in Burkina Faso. There are about 80 of these organisations in the Netherlands. The smallest consist of a board of around 5 people and only works on development in a certain region of Burkina Faso. The biggest are large international NGO's with payd staff and that work in many different countries.

The platform organizes a day that brings together people with an interest in Burkina Faso. The Platform Day is organized approximately once every 2 years. In 2010 I helped to organize the platform day and developed the website in support of the activities.

In 2011 I helped the platform with their website, and the newsletter which is sent out at irregular intervals. Their website also has a listing of all the NGOs that are active in Burkina Faso. I plotted these in Google Maps and am preparing a database.

Burkina Expert - only active in BF; NGO - active in several countries; Large NGO - present in many countries; 
NGO without websiteNGO working in NLError? - this NGO or its website no longer exist.

Licht blauw, paars en rood betekenen dat er meerdere PI's op die locatie actief zijn! 
View BF NGO or BF ngo NL in Google Maps. View the list of NGO's in Google Docs.

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