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While doing voluntary work with the Burkina Faso platform, I realised that there were quite a lot of people in the Netherlands who were closely involved with Burkina Faso. But, the French language also seemed to be a bit of a barrier for some. This inspired me to start a website about the country with news and information, all in Dutch. I hope this will inspire more people to visit the country, do busines there, do research, make friends or just go on holidays.

find at

  • News of what happens there and what Dutch organisations do here for the country
  • Tips for tourists: What to see, hotel reviews, what agencies offer travels?
  • Information on the economy and business opportunities
  • Information for NGOs and people who would like to do voluntary work
  • Information for researchers from universities and knowledge institutes
  • A calendar with events
  • Links to webshops with the Burkina-theme