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usability in the geoweb

Lately I am all into web 2.0. So in a short period of time I have become member of all sorts of sites, experimenting, experiencing and finding myself delighted with the possibilities the internet brings. However, seen that I’m like an internet addict, I wonder how the rest of the world gets along with these things…


And then I’m not just thinking about my sister, mother or even your grandpa.. But I’m thinking about the Scientists. Because yes, a long time ago, I went to university and was trained to be.. a scientist. And when I see all those beautiful developments on the web, I just can’t help but feel that the internet has caught up with science and that teenage 2.0 enabled youth are now more productive and innovative than entire science departments!

It was always difficult for scientists to make the leap from doing scientific research to informing the public and translating findings into innovative (read economically viable) products. 
We scientists really need to wake up, because we are not making use of the benefits of the web. And it is at this interface of science, internet and society I hope I’ll make my contributions.

Happy New year every body!
Usability in the GeoWeb

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