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I’m looking into copyrights again. And While browsing the internet I’m listening to myMiro channels on the background. So while studying the Creative Commons licenses, I was pleasantly surprised by Steal This Film 2. A really interesting documentary!

And according to the mashable blog, they only confirm what Don Tapscott evangelises in his book Wikinomics. Who needs copyrights?? You’ll earn more with having them either violated, or not claiming them in the first place:

“Pay for a movie titled “Steal This Film?” Sure, why not.

TorrentSpy relayed the financial results for the first four days of “Steal This Film 2’s time out on the open market, and how interesting it was to see the average payment being presented by those who downloaded the new production. The magic number? $15.

So this only proves that we will pay for what we appreciate. And if we don’t pay, that just means the product doesn’t deserve it.. Isn’t that only just? a sort of Darwinian survival of the fittest?

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