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Queensday 2009

Time to write a post, and what better time is there to write a post than around Koninginnedag? All of Holland up side down and inside out, putting junk on the street to sell to strangers.. Always good stuff for a post.

But this year, I think it’s cliche to write about our queensday. Why? Well, because of the assault on our queen. Which suddenly makes it a ‘hot’topic, with lots of pictures and blog posts on the internet.

Some funny controversy as well: It seems a renowned newspaper (the AD) googled the assaulter’s name, and placed thusly found picture of the man on their front page! But they had the picture of the wrong man! how stupid.

And what can we say? only the cliche stuff: It’s a very sad thing that happened, and I feel sorry for the family and friends of the six people who died. (I guess Dutchies don’t speak out as dramatically as Americans??)

But despite this sadness, life goes on. And so after watching the breaking news for over an hour, my boyfriend and I decided to go into town after all. It was a beautiful day, and we must have walked all around town like 6 times in the preceding night and the queen’s day itself. Check out the pictures..

Qdag2.JPG Qdag1.JPG


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