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Aaron Huey: America’s native prisoners of war

A very inspiring and touching talk by Aaron Huey about the American natives and how white Americans came to get the best of the meat. Huey lists the most important events in the American-Indian relations, or should I say making and breaking of treaties and warring each other? This list becomes a bit long, but you can skip to about 12 minutes, to see the end of the presentation with some statistics of how the indians are doing these days.

Ofcourse I had heard about the situation in the reserves, but somehow your mind always whispers: it can’t possibly be so bad. Well, it is. And it is so sad. How can we allow these things to happen, to exist? It makes me want to emigrate straight away and start doing somehting about it. How can it be that some people live in conditions as if it were the slums of South-Africa, with life extectancies normal to Somalia or Afghanistan, right in the US? Of all countries, the US should be capable of taking care of its citizens.

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