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Festival Mundial 2009

June 20 and 21 it was again Festival Mundial in Tilburg.
I had the impression that it was smaller than last year, but nonetheless we had a great time. We discovered lots of new interesting artists and music stiles. And best of all, instead of the predicted rainy saturday the whole weekend remained dry and was sometimes actually warm.

Photos coming soon, but here are already some names:
Saturday: Sabrina Starke, jaya the Cat (reggae punk), Outlandish, Rajae el Mouhandiz and Raymtzer, Ziggy and Vive la fête.

On sunday I actually missed Oumou Snagare, whom I really wanted to see, but insetead had a great time at Zulu 9:30, Bosa Le & Zekura band, and most of all Karamelo Santo. The festival was ended with a quick tour between Taraf de hollanda (gipsy) and Oscar D’Leon (Salsa)

Watch the wrapup on Uitzending Gemsit


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