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Medtronic Carelink and Java

I know someone with diabetes - Frank - and only recently this person started to use a Medtronic apparatus which can be typed as a 'smart' health device, in the sense that it stores all measurements and allows to download these to a computer. This last feature however, depends on Java. And Java was deprecated on March 1st 2017!

I knew that this was coming so when we were helping Frank with setting up a computer to be able to download the data, I was surprised of the Java dependency. I had heard Java would be deprecated already over a year ago and having an application depend on java seemed not very reliable to me. But I didn't know when Java support would end, so I didn't think about it for too long.

Then, the second time my husband tried to download the data, this soon ended in cursing, as he couldnt get the web app working (which was already pretty hard the first time, because of the java...). So I offered to have a lok and indeed: Java was nog longer supported by any browser! How the #$*? could they give someone who can barely work with a computer an apparatus which is so difficult to work with and then not even give a sign when support for the web app is ended? 

Luckily i know my way with computers, so I found a browser which still supports Java and I installed a Java SDK, because installing Java via the normal websites simply wasn't an option any longer. 

So, for anyone else using Carelink Minimed from Medtronic: 

Try one of the following browsers: Explorer 11, Safari or Mozilla Firefox ESR

Java can be obtained from Oracle

I really hope Google picks up this post so others can find a solution when trying to download their data.



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