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Although Firefox is still my favorite browser, Google Chrome did make it to become my standard browser. The reason for this odd duality? Firefox is working great! It has lots of convenient extensions, and most sites are compatible with it. Google Chrome however is so new, that not all sites know how to serve their data to this new browser. The oddest thing is that even a certain Google Maps plugin doesn’t seem to exist for chrome! I think that is so weird…

But well, Chrome is new, so let’s allow it a bit of time to grow up. In the mean time, here’s why it is already configured to be my standard browser: When you open this browser, or go to ‘home’, you see miniatures of the sites you frequent most! That’s really convenient!


When I first downloaded Chrome, I just gave it a quick look, and dismissed it, because I didn’t see anything useful. However, if you use the browser for a little while, and you visit a certain site say, five times in that little while, then suddenly it pops up on your front page!

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