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Growing up in Africa, I saw how people depended on their environment at an early age. This lead me to study Earth Sciences and later Sustainable Development.

The 3 P-words are a mantra from Sustainable Development and mean to indicate that to achieve sustainability, a balance must be found between people, planet and profit. For me, they are a reminder that in life one should strive to be a 'good person', strive for a fair and just world, care for each other and the planet. Profit does not always have to be in monetary terms. Win-win situations will yield the best results, even if there's no money to make. But, sustainability is easily jeopardized if there's no profit to pay for costs and invest back into an initiative.


I work four days a week at such profit that I have the luxury that I can spend at least one day a week on non-profit affairs. I believe there's more to life than just making money for oneself. It is what we do for others that makes us grow. And only through personal relations and involvement do we accomplish.


Medtronic Carelink and Java
I know someone with diabetes and only recently this person started to use a Medtronic apparatus which can be typed as a 'smart' health device, in the sense that it stores all measurements and allows to download these to a computer. This last feature however, depends on Java. And Java was deprecated on March 1st 2017!   March 24, 2017 »
Tension and Trauma Reducing Exercises (TRE) en bevallen
Afgelopen zondag, 1 november 2015, heb ik deelgenomen aan een introductiecursus over TRE - Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises. Een vriendin had me op TRE gewezen als iets dat kon helpen bij de bevalling en het opvangen van weeen dmv natuurlijke trillingen die uit je eigen lichaam emaneren.   November 5, 2015 »
Kinderburen is een film die gemaakt werd door kinderen uit Kloosterburen. Een absurdistisch verhaal dat actuele thema’s aankaart, betreffende kunst, cultuur en educatie, beschreven vanuit het standpunt van de kinderen.   August 31, 2015 »
Study in Africa
Based on University Web Ranking, the top 10 universities of Africa were selected. Unfortunately there are only two countries that occur in this list: South Africa and Egypt.   August 17, 2014 »
Een website om uw PI te promoten. PI’s kunnen een artikel van 400 woorden insturen over afgeronde projecten en over de PI, compleet met foto’s en links. Een kaartje wordt er ook nog eens bij geplaatst!   January 18, 2013 »


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