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I already have great job at Deltares and my time is limited due to all the voluntary work I do. Nonetheless, I am always glad to help people and NGO's if I can:

Pay or no pay:

What's possible and what's it worth?

Websites can cost a lot of money, or hardly anything if you can do everything yourself.

To have your own domainname and some space on the web, will cost you about 15 euro per year. I have nothing to do with that, that's between you and your host/ registrar, but I can help you to find a reliable host and help with registration.

If you want a simple website, you can use standard Content Management Systems (CMS), which are installed in minutes with the push of a button. After that however, the system needs to be configured and styled to your personal wishes. I can make such websites, made in Joomla, Wordpress or Concrete 5. Lots of addons are available for these packages so you can easily integrate blogs, twitter, facebook, photobooks, newsletters etc. in such a site. Such a site is worth/costs at least 300 euro.

Custom sites are also possible but are worth/cost at least 500 euro.

You may contact me at with further inquiries.