Rural Web is an ICT for Development initiative I started in 2011. I was participating to an event for young professionals working in Development cooperation and we were asked "how we would change development cooperation". I pitched an ICT4D idea and with help of other participants, it turned into Rural Web.

Rural Web was active for about three years and then I let it go dormant. In 2017 I decided to revive Rural Web through a vlog and so I started vlogging. Vlogging under the name Rural Web however turned out to be too complicated. So I changed the branding of the vlog, but it's still all about Rural Web.

Rural Web is a community and a way of life

We share knowledge for development: personal, professional and community development. We promote life long learning, group-learning and learning by doing. This includes, but is not limited to, learning to do more with ICT and apply it to reach our goals. We encourage you to create learning materials as you go and to collect and share useful resources online.

Rural Web is for people who shape their own future. It is for people who will not sit idle. People who are willing to learn and work hard because they know they can be more than who they were yesterday. Rural Web is here to inspire these people. Join us online across social media by using our #Rweb hashtags. our mantra's are:

  • dream, learn, do, achieve
  • dare to share
  • Connect & participate

We are legion. We connect people from all classes and cultures. Because we are all equal and can all learn from each other. We:

  • Live in developing & developed communities,
  • include tech & non-techies
  • have diplomas or are self-made
  • Individuals & organisations

For me, the initiator, Rural Web's focus is on Africa. But anybody can participate. Everybody is invited.  
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