RAIN and the International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre (IGRAC) are partners in the 3R consortium which promotes water Recharge, Retention and Re-use. In this context IGRAC is developing generic GIS-based tools to assess the potential for Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) implementation in countries and river-basins based on readily available data. RAIN asked Deltares/IGRAC to develop a rainwater harvesting potential map (at a national level) for Burkina Faso. This would be done based on the method and experienced as developed by IGRAC.

RAIN and other actors benefit from the identification of areas where RWH is the sole option for meeting water demands. In these (often rural) areas other means of water supply may not be sufficient, feasible or potable. Identifying these areas assists RAIN and other actors working in the field of RWH tremendously. This data can not only be used to guide organisations in their implementation efforts, but is also a strong lobby tool towards national and international governments.

The RWH potential map developed here will serve as a pilot to upscale the mapping methodology to other RAIN intervention countries (Mali, Senegal, Ethiopia and Nepal) and serve as input for the development of RWH potential maps at a regional level. The Burkina Faso pilot was based on IGRAC’s previous experience with mapping MAR potential in Kenya and uses the same data. RAIN would provided additional criteria.