The Web development course is followed by our Geo Media Design students in their second year. It's the last course they follow before going on internships and streaming out into different directions for their specializations. This course therefore forms the closing stone of a period in which they were thought as a class. They have learnt many things during that period, in all three the aspects of the study (geography, design and datascience). In this course the students learn (ofcourse) to develop a website that compare to urban deltas and which includes interactive map displaying data. 

In only six weeks the students do research into the social and physical geography of Urban Deltas, they design a website following a set plan and they actually make the website themselves. It's hard work, but the results are often baffling and nice to put into a portfolio. The workload of all of this actually the full 15 ECTS of the module (420 hours), since a lot of work is done in the subjects that support the assessment.

This is namely how Aeres education is organized: Every semester you follow two modules of approximately 15 ECTS each, or you follow one such module for one period of six weeks. The modules then exists of an assessment, which is really a case-study or an assignment from a real client. And next to the assignment the students follow a few subjects which provide the knowledge and skills which the students need able to execute the assignment. Sometimes the relationship between subjects and assignments is a bit loose, but in this case the subjects are very tightly interwoven with the assingnment, so as to allow the students to maximize the time they can work on the assignment and create a really stunning result. 

The results of past assignments can be viewed here: