Sand and mud motors are just two of the many solutions that can be used to allow sediment to work as nature intended: to raise coasts and create new land. What can area managers do with this free building material? You can read all about it in this latest edition of Delta Life magazine. 

This issue also includes an interview with Justin Ehrenweth, the CEO of the Water Institute of the Gulf in Louisiana. He explains how his instutute protects Louisiana from the effects of land subsudence, sea level rise and an endless series of storms and cloud-bursts. 

Large-scale windframs, offshore are also featured. There is enough room offshore. There is also more wind, and it blows harder than on land. But are there drawbacks after all? Deltares researchers argue more knowledge is needed about the effects of large-scale offshore wind farms and created an infographic about this.

This and more in this issue of Delta Life magazine.