Cheryl Van Kempen

  • Hydrogeologist & GIS Expert
  • Development & Webdev Volunteer


Earth & Environment

I work at the groundwater department of Deltares as a hydrogeologist & GIS expert.



Latest blog » R&D highlights 2015
25 May '16: Deltares R&D highlights 2015 shows both facts and figures about Deltares and highlights of the projects executed in our 5 themes.
People, Planet, Profit

I grew up in Africa and have over 5 years experience in Development Cooperation through work and as an 'independent volunteer'.

Latest blog » Medtronic Carelink and Java
24 Mar '17: I know someone with diabetes and only recently this person started to use a Medtronic apparatus which can be typed as a 'smart' health device, in the sense that it stores all measurements and allows to download these to a computer. This last feature however, depends on Java. And Java was deprecated on March 1st 2017!
Internet & Communication

I have over 15 years of experience as a web developer, Social Media Manager and online community builder. I provide these services as a volunteer to several NGO's.